Shaun Stevenson Goes Whitebaiting On The Waikato River

Shaun Stevenson whitebaiting on the waikato river.


One test All Black Shaun Stevenson is coping with his absence from the All Blacks Rugby World Cup squad by indulging in a little whitebaiting adventure down the scenic Waikato River.

Stevenson, widely touted by fans and experts alike as a potential inclusion in Ian Foster’s 33-man squad for the World Cup, has chosen to address his feelings of disappointment through a rather unconventional path.

MBIE Employee Gets Sick Thrill Out Of The Prospect Of Being Sacked By David Seymour

man thinking about being sacked by david seymour


A 33-year-old man working at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has interestingly expressed excitement over the prospect of being made redundant by David Seymour’s promise to cut government jobs if elected to government.

The employee, who prefers to remain anonymous, claims to be sick and tired of his public sector job at MBIE, feeling disillusioned by the severe lack of value he adds each day.

Upon learning about ACT’s proposal to halve the more than 6000 staff at MBIE and shut down work on several government projects, the man found a glimmer of hope.