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woman in open plan office

Woman Shows She’s Down To Earth By Starting Group Email With “Hey Guys”


A new senior manager at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has sent shockwaves through the department with a brash opening to her first group email.

In contrast to modern email etiquette, recently appointed Director of Policy and Partnerships Molly Franklin started her introductory email to her team with “Hey guys”.

Franklin says she thought long and hard about opting for a safer, less gendered term such as “team” or even “whanau”, but opted for a more collegial tone.

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man with bluetooth speaker on courtenay place.

Local Man With Bluetooth Speaker Confidently Predicts Everyone’s Loving His Music


A local man was seen strutting down Courtenay Place today with a Bluetooth speaker blaring what he confidently claimed to be “some hot shit that’s the future,” leaving bystanders amused, puzzled and annoyed.

Witnesses reported that the man, identified only as “Rex”, appeared to be under the impression that his choice of music was universally beloved by all who had the privilege of hearing it. 

Dressed all in red and enjoying one of those rare but unbeatable sunny Wellington days, Rex’s aura of musical omnipotence was undeniable.

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christ's college boy looking shocked with cost of living crisis definition plugged into phone's google.

Christ’s College Student Googles “Cost Of Living Crisis Definition”


Christ’s College student Jayden Dickson is still struggling to grasp the much talked about “Cost Of Living Crisis”

The 16 year-old who attends the prestigious Christ’s College private school in Christchurch is finding it hard to comprehend the dire financial situation faced by many New Zealanders and turned to Google to get a handle on its definition.

“This ‘cost of living crisis’ has been making headlines on the news for years in New Zealand, but I literally have no idea what anyone is talking about. You don’t hear it much around these school grounds,” Dickson said, fully unaware most Kiwis are struggling with rising prices in housing, fuel, and groceries.

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couple relaxing on couch while greedy money-grubbing netflix monster lurks in the background.

INSPIRATIONAL: Despite Cost Of Living Pressure Netflix Subscription Survives Another Payment Round


Wellington couple Sarah Wintle and Jake Steele are just two ordinary Kiwis trying to make ends meet in a country where the cost of living continues to rise at an alarming rate.

But despite the 27 year-olds finding themselves in a never ending battle against their bills, they continue to keep their Netflix subscription on, despite their financial limitations.

“I mean, we can’t just not be passively entertained every night, right?” said Wintle, who continues to complain about the cost of fruit and veges while not considering cancelling her $24.99 a month Netflix subscription.

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blushed mum in supermarket thinking about shirtless carlos spencer, with toffee pops in the foreground.

Mention Of Carlos Spencer Causes Local Mum To Melt Into Toffee Pop Moment


55 year old mother of two, Susan Thomson got more than she bargained for when she heard the name “Carlos Spencer” being mentioned yesterday. 

The incident occurred during a casual conversation at the local supermarket, where the part time administrator was innocently browsing the biscuit aisle. As friend Jane nonchalantly mentioned Carlos Spencer, Thompson reportedly began to blush furiously and reportedly turned the colour of a ripe tomato.

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woman slumped on desk looking at phone

Corporate Public Servant Endures Another Day Of Not Delivering For New Zealanders

Senior Communications Advisor Laura Ferrera had “one of those days” today, spending her entire time in the office trying, and failing, to get a draft email signed off. 

“Well I’ve really done right by the taxpayer today haven’t I? Such a great use of time and money,” said the public servant sarcastically. 

“Another day another dollar, as they say. Can’t believe it’s a four day week and the days are already dragging, urgh it’s only Tuesday”.

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