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REPORT: Summer Is Hot


You may or may not have noticed it, but the last month and a bit has been quite hot. 

Although hot weather is obviously a cause for caution and/or panic, some meteorologists believe that the soaring temperatures are a result of it being summer. 

While this may seem hard to believe, there is some science to back up the claim.

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SHOCKING REVELATION: Leaked Report Shows Wellington Water Shortage Due To All The Leaky Pipes


A leaked document has revealed that the real culprit behind Wellington’s water woes is its poorly maintained and leaking pipes.

Wellington residents have been repeatedly told to limit water usage over the last few weeks, as the capital deals with a water shortage, meaning  residential sprinklers and irrigation are banned but people can still water their gardens by hand with a hose. 

The leaked report points the finger at dilapidated infrastructure and surprisingly did not blame climate change, environmental factors, or even a malevolent water-stealing conspiracy. However Wellington Council’s cycle lanes have been identified as partly responsible for distracting from the focus on water.

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