New Zealand And Australia Pinpoint Start Of Downward Slide Just After The Sunwolves Left Super Rugby

Sunwolves rugby team celebrating in background, while All Black and Wallaby look dejected.


The descent of New Zealand and Australian Rugby into the abyss has been unequivocally traced back to the very moment when The Sunwolves made their exit from the Super Rugby stage.

As the Wallabies prepare for an early World Cup exit and the All Blacks try to keep their playoff hopes alive after a first ever pool play loss, pundits have been trying to work out where it all started going wrong.

Reflecting on the dwindling confidence within Super Rugby teams, NZ Rugby CEO Mark Robinson offers a sombre perspective: “When the trans-Tasman sides can no longer muster 80 points against their opponents, you can’t help but question the impact on the morale of our Super Rugby outfits which then leads into international rugby.

Humble Kiwi Challenged By Realisation He Does Actually Like Capers

Man in cafe thinking about the capers in his bagel


A self proclaimed “average bloke” is reevaluating what he’s up to after realising he actually does like capers after all. 

Whanganui carpenter Tom Jacobs, 28, has always thought of himself as a man of the people. He considers himself low maintenance and easy going.  

“I’m just your standard kiwi,” he says humbly. 

Jacobs says that’s now all changed with one tasty bite of a salmon and cream cheese bagel at his local cafe.