3rd Division Rugby Player Most Definitely Playing Hungover

hungover rugby player sitting in changing rooms with blue powerade.


Kori Jenkins didn’t need to tell his Marist teammates he was feeling a bit under the weather today.

That’s because the 29 year-old was visibly hungover as he showed up to his Div 3 club match in Christchurch after pushing the boat out a bit too far at his work drinks last night.

“Hey there, lads! How’s the world treating you?” Jenkins boomed, the thud of his gear bag punctuating his entrance as it landed unceremoniously on the seats within the changing rooms. Striding in a full 25 minutes later than his E.T.A, he was a living testament to the perils of revelry.

Captain Robbie Flux, an astute observer of his team’s dynamics, couldn’t help but notice Jenkins’ dishevelled state. It was all too evident that their starting hooker had barely managed a few hours of rest prior to the impending 1:15pm kickoff. With a measured concern in his voice, Flux probed, “Feeling up to the start, mate?”

“Yeah yeah I’ll be fine. Just need a couple of practice throws with the forwards first,” Jenkins replied, who wasn’t even dressed remotely in his playing kit, wearing chinos whilst frantically searching for his matchday socks in his bag.

As his teammates began their warmups on the park, Jenkins was slumped back against the wall in the changing rooms, sipping on a blue Powerade and sluggishly pulling his socks on.

More to come. 

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