Activist Harping On About Carbon Emissions During Cyclone Devastation Is Widely Told To Fuck Off

hipster woman in front of floods.



As the North Island faces the wrath of Cyclone Gabrielle, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, some are getting their patience tested by an even more formidable foe: climate change activists.  

Hawkes Bay and Gisborne are currently suffering the most from monumental flooding, power outages, and damage to homes and businesses. But as they attempt to cope with the crisis, there are some activists who are eager to make the connection between the cyclone and human carbon emissions causing the climate to change.

Our reporters came across Maia Galbraith, 26, from Wellington’s Aro Valley, who has been watching the devastation unfold from afar.

“Well, surprise, surprise. Look at what’s going on up north? You know what this is a result of right? The current efforts to reduce carbon emissions and slow global warming have been inadequate. We need to take more drastic action! Climate action now!” Galbraith demanded, not seeing how it is in very poor taste to be preaching about climate change during such a devastating natural disaster.

Matt Wilkes, who works with Galbraith, and is getting sick and tired of her, shared his opinion to us. 

“I mean, as people are trying to evacuate their families, bloody Maia just can’t stop going on about how she thinks the storm is a result of global warming. Can she actually just shut the ‘f*%k up?” Wilkes asked calmly.

“She’s piping up about all this climate stuff, and spreading more fear by using these people who have lost their lives or have been displaced. She’s using this cyclone as a platform for her agenda and it’s pretty disgusting” Wilkes pointed out reasonably.

As our reporters went to question Wilkes more, Galbraith then rudely interrupted and began speaking to our reporters without consent.

“Look guys, it’s time for people to realise that if we don’t take action now, it may be too late. We need more renewable energy sources, more…”

Our reporters had to then end the interview.

No more to come.

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