“ALL YOUR HARD WORK”: Employee Tears  Up After Reading Heartfelt Christmas Card From CEO

woman reading christmas card in office



There must have been some dust in the air this afternoon because customer support officer Kylie Carlson could definitely feel her eyes welling up. Either that, or she had become emotional after reading her deeply heartfelt and personalised Christmas message she got from her CEO, John Brentford. 

“Merry Christmas Kylie.

Thank you for all your hard work this year. GCX Finance values your contribution.

Warm regards,


Although Mr Brentford has never met or spoken to Ms. Carlson, she reports feeling that he really does appreciate the hours she puts in for the company. “He thanked me for all my hard work this year. I thought he didn’t even know I existed!” she said, trying hard not to spill any of her sarcasm on her new white tee shirt.

“It’s really great to know that our CEO takes the time to see the work we do and appreciate all our efforts.”

When we put Carlson’s less than sincere reaction to the Chief Executive, he was not exactly receptive. “God, she got the prezzy card didn’t she? Not to mention the money that goes into her account every fortnight! Bloody kids…”

More to come.

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