Annoying Friend Won’t Shut Up About How She’s Already Done Her Christmas Shopping

Woman with santa hat at christmassy shopping mall



Kelly Spratt can’t wait to strike up a conversation about Christmas shopping.

That’s because the 26 year-old from Christchurch has already completed all of hers and cannot wait to tell that to others who have not done the same.

Our reporters were with Spratt as she bumped into her friend Sarah in town.

“Oh hi Sarah, how’s it going? Got your Christmas shopping done yet? Always good to get it done early!” 

“No not yet, way too busy with work. Maybe over the next couple of weeks. You?”

Spratt’s eyes then lit up as she was now involved in a direct conversation with somebody who had not done a single bit of Christmas shopping. Meanwhile she had all her gifts purchased, wrapped and ready to go for the big day on December 25th.

“Yes I have actually, got it done last week. All done nice and early, so I can spend the next couple of weeks relaxing, knowing it’s all done and out the way,” Spratt replied in a very satisfied tone, picturing her nicely wrapped presents sitting in her wardrobe, ready to go.

“Oh wow, that’s pretty good. Gee you’re quite organised aren’t you?” replied Sarah, who was noticeably disinterested in hearing more about how Kelly was well ahead of the eight-ball.

“Oh, I just thought, ‘why rush so close to Christmas when you don’t have to?’ Might as well avoid that pre- Christmas madness in the mall, right?”

“Well we can’t all be as organised as you, can we Kelly?”

More to come.

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