Annoyingly Good Indoor Football Player Fills In For Social League Game And Ruins It

indoor football player at wellington indoor sports



Joey Martinez, a lover of football of the indoor variety, has a habit of hanging around after his scheduled evening games to see if any other teams need extra players. 

Martinez, 19, plays in the Wednesday night Div 1 men’s league at Wellington Indoor Sports, but will happily stay later to ruin a mixed league social game if he gets the chance. 

“Just helping out teams that are short on players and it’s good for my fitness to have an extra game,” he explained, totally oblivious to how annoying it is for the teams he ends up playing against. 

Josh McAndrews, 40, plays with his wife and her friends in their mixed social league team. He enjoys playing against people of similar ability, but gets thoroughly pissed off by the likes of Martinez. 

“God I hate that guy. Like, we get it, you’re young and skillful and can dribble past a whole team of average old players and score,” said McAndrews bitterly.

“What does he even get out of it though?”  

Martinez meanwhile believes he is doing some kind of public service for the football community, by rewarding a team that can’t even sort their own players out to turn up for a game. 

“Feels good to be able to let these teams have a game, even if one of their players can’t make it that night. It’s tough because everyone’s so busy these days,” he laughed.

With the final score of the game 11-3 to Martinez’s temporary team, the local game-ruiner talked us through the eight goals he scored. 

“They’ve got a couple of good players actually so I think I was lucky to get eight. Their goalkeeper was really good too,” he said, still very stoked to thrash a low-level team. 

His opposition McAndrews meanwhile was unavailable for comment, after an angry outburst which saw him sub himself off early.  

More to come. 

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