Annual Leave Maximiser Has Naturally Pre-Locked In Friday Between Anzac And The Weekend

man in office pointing and smiling



Office know-it-all Ryan Duggan has shown his colleagues once again why he’s the best in the business. 

The 29 year old at the Auckland branch of NZ Pro Office Supplies claims to have been “deep in the company HR portal” as early as January this year, finding ways he can put his annual leave to work. 

“Only way to get ahead in life is to get in early,” he grinned while clicking his fingers into a gun-like formation. 

“If there’s a cheeky weekday sitting there between a public holiday and the weekend, you better believe I’m going to be the first to get it. 

“It’s all about maximising your annual leave.”

The marketing executive, who has already gotten away with several half days, appears confident that no one else in the office has noticed, least of all his manager. 

“Oh it’s pretty relaxed around here, everyone’s pretty cool. Just gotta be quick when it comes to leave though, as it’s first in first served,” said Mr Duggan, while quickly shoulder-checking the rest of the open plan office. 

His colleague Sarah Jellicoe meanwhile was less than impressed. 

“Why is he so stoked with himself? Like, good job you got yourself a four day weekend because you spend more time at work focusing on upcoming holidays than actually doing your job,” she said grumpily. 

“I’m actually glad he’s not going to be here on Friday.”

Meanwhile Duggan, who is currently unattached, is reportedly looking forward to a day to himself with his xbox. 

More to come. 

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