Auckland Sky Tower Stands As Constant Reminder To Aucklanders That They’re In Auckland

Man looking at auckland sky tower



The Auckland Sky Tower served its purpose for Liam Gilmore today. The 28 year old marketing exec had popped out on his lunch break, likely to escape the reality of his occupation, when for some reason he briefly forgot where he was in the world.

It was then that he glanced to his right while crossing an intersection, and saw the constant, unmoving reminder of the city he lives in. The Sky Tower stood there in full view, right in plain sight.

Our reporters were with Gilmore as he soaked in the reminder that he certainly does still live in fuckin’ Auckland.

“Everywhere I go there it is, it’s hard to not be haunted by its presence. Just that big unofficial welcome sign saying “Hey mate, you live in Auckland,” Gilmore said as he glanced over again at the iconic tower.

Auckland’s Sky Tower is an imposing structure that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, making it near impossible for anyone to forget where they are. 

Emily Farnham had a different but equally eerie experience. “I was stuck in traffic coming into the city yesterday morning. Cars were crawling along as they do, when my mind suddenly wandered to the idea of what it might be like to live somewhere else in New Zealand.

“Then out of nowhere, BANG! I’d just rear-ended the car in front of me. The perfect start to a work day,” she explained. 

“As I pulled over to the far left lane to follow the car I’d mangled to the next available exit, I looked up and there was the tower. Right on time, as if to say ‘yeah that’s right loser, you’re in Auckland’”.

Aucklanders today will without a doubt receive similar reminders that they are indeed most certainly still in Auckland. 

More to come. 

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