Aucklander Absolutely Flummoxed That Friend Is Moving To Wellington

Aucklander scratching his head



Blake Eaton was almost thrown off balance today when he heard his good mate Chris Avery was making the move to Wellington.

“I nearly had a turn when he said he was moving down there. I was thinking, what on earth would he do that for? Must have been a hell of a pay increase. I can’t figure it out,” Eaton told our reporters while the puzzled look on his face remained.

However Avery had a different reason and it was not for any big money offer to do with the insurance company he currently works for.

“I was just up for a bit of a change of scenery. Heard the vibe is quite good and the coffee is decent too. Wouldn’t mind checking out that museum on the waterfront too,” Avery said with a deadpan expression on his face, with no hint of sarcasm detectable.

Our reporters relaid this information to his good friend Blake.

“Are you serious? Why would he want to go there just for that? This is Auckland! There’s so much opportunity up here. Plus the Blues are actually good now!”

Despite being overly positive about the move to what is dubbed the ‘Coolest Little Capital’,  Avery is set to be in for a hell of a surprise when he realises the umbrella he uses for Auckland’s gentle little rain showers will become completely redundant in Wellington’s wind.

More to come.

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