BACK TO SCHOOL:  Epsom Girls Grammar Student Sails The Family Yacht To School

Epsom girls student sailing boat at school



Millie Boyce, 16, wasn’t going to let the remainder of Auckland’s floods get in her way from arriving at school in style.

Boyce, who lives in Epsom, is usually dropped off to Epsom Girls Grammar School by her father in his Maserati, which he drives to his law firm every day.

However with Auckland being hit with torrential rain over the past week, causing widespread surface flooding in the CBD, it has meant Daddy’s Maserati won’t be the means of transportation this week.

Our reporters spoke with little Miss Boyce outside her family’s home in the affluent suburb of Epsom.

“Well, usually we just use this boat for our family holiday to Whangamata. But I won’t be caught dead on a bus, so there’s no way in hell I’m arriving at school in something that doesn’t look like it’s worth over $50,000.” Boyce explained, who was making it very clear there she would never ever be taking any means of public transportation. 

Boyce, who’s high school costs $20,000 in tuition fees each year, then doubled down on her distaste for being seen taking public transport.

“I’m hearing people say that if your parents can’t drop you off at school because of the flooding, some buses and trains are still running, but are you serious? I don’t want to be seen anywhere near a public transport system. There could be kids there who go to a public school!”

More to come.

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