Bewildered Student Asks Flatmate “Do We Have A Flat Inspection?” After Seeing Him Using Vacuum

man shocked by other man vacuuming



Ben Conway’s heart skipped a few beats when he heard the roar of vacuuming coming from upstairs this morning.

The Massey University student in Wellington had not heard the sound since their previous flat inspection three months ago, which is the only time such cleaning of their Mount Cook flat is ever done.

Racing upstairs in a panic, Conway saw new flatmate Tim Jacobs relentlessly using the vacuum to go all around the lounge floor and confronted him in the middle of what looked like a deep cleaning session.

“Tim! Tim! What’s going on? Do we have a flat inspection tomorrow or something?”

“Huh? Inspection? No. Just saw the flat was looking a bit untidy and a few chip crumbs on the floor. Thought I’d just get out the vacuum and run it through the lounge,” Jacobs said with a deadpan look on his face like it was completely normal for someone in a flat of 20 year-olds to just randomly clean the flat.

Jacobs was then met with a look of confusion from his alarmed co-dweller. To an outside observer it was almost as if he had just explained his reasoning in a foreign language. 

“Ah right? So no inspection or email from the body corporates or anything? Just seems a bit odd to be doing a good clean of the house for no reason?” Conway questioned with further suspicion. 

“Nope, no email or a heads up about an inspection, I had some spare time and just thought it would be good to tidy the house up a bit. Did a good scrub of the dishes too. Might even hit the bathrooms too. Nothing wrong with a clean house.”

More to come.

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