BLACK CLASH BACKLASH: One Eyed Cantab Calling For Team Rugby To Be Completely Replaced With Current Crusaders Players

One eyed cantabrian in front of the Team Rugby T20 team.



Craig Chamberlain is once again in disagreement with the selection of a sports team.

His difference of opinion comes ahead of tonight’s T20 Blackclash, which sees the biggest stars of rugby and cricket face off against each other in a T20 cricket match. 

But with ‘Team Rugby’ being made up of an assortment of current and past rugby players from around the country, the 56 year-old from the Christchurch suburb of Shirley has called for the entire Team Rugby to be made up of current Crusaders players.

“If they want a winning team for this match, then you need to compile it of a team who knows all about winning,” Chamberlain said while adjusting his eye patch, alluding to the Crusaders multiple titles over the years.

“Scratch those who aren’t in the current Crusaders squad and get the fresh blood in there. If you’re going to associate sports players with a team called ‘Team Rugby’ at least get players who represent that name properly!” Chamberlain said, while taking a sip of his Canterbury Draught.

The Canterbury-based zealot appeared nervous as Team Rugby now has an opportunity to overtake Team Cricket, as both sides are locked at 2-2 as they enter the fifth edition of the T20 showpiece. 

Chamberlain then looked a bit more settled as our reporters left his Shirley home. That was after explaining to him the match is at Christchurch’s Hagley Oval and Scott Robertson is the manager of Team Rugby.

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