Bloke Trying To Explain Bitcoin To Mates Still Getting Nowhere

bitcoin guy explaining something with big gold bitcoins in foreground



It has been a frustrating couple of weeks for bitcoin enthusiast, Sean Martin. 

The 30 year old is now thinking that explaining the significance of his favourite cryptocurrency to his friends may just have to go in the ‘too hard basket’. 

“It’s the only truly hard asset! It can’t be inflated and it’s not prone to corrupt central bankers,” he pleaded with his mate Dylan, before eventually giving up. 

Mr Martin says it is his duty to spread the good word about bitcoin, but the problem is it is just too hard to explain properly. 

“I dunno, I’ve been trying to tell people what it is and why it matters, but it’s hard when you see their eyes glaze over once you get into things like inflation and legalised counterfeiting”. 

Martin has gone deep into as much bitcoin podcast material as he can find, from people like Saifedean Ammous and Robert Breedlove. However he has found that it is nearly impossible to convey what he’s learned during casual conversations. 

“I feel like I need to sit people down and lecture them about this stuff, but I can’t imagine that going down too well,” he laughed while scratching his head in despair. 

“Do they want to keep having the value of their savings sucked down to zero by corrupt money printers? Do they not care about the absolute scarcity of bitcoin? Gah!”

While discouraged, Mr Martin does not think he is at risk of starting an X account (formerly Twitter) dedicated specifically to screaming into the ether about cryptocurrency. 

“It hasn’t got to that point yet, thankfully, but that option is still in the back of my mind,” he said while simultaneously scrolling through bitcoin Twitter. 

“Surely I can orange-pill one of my friends? Just one!”  

More to come. 

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