Bloke Who Received Rare Text Message Disappointed To Discover It Is Again Just From His Telco

Man looking at phone in furniture shop



For a few seconds Ruben Cochrane felt alive.

The 28 year-old furniture salesman at Harvey Norman couldn’t wait to see who the text message was from and ducked away to a quiet area of the store to check.

“Oh geez, I heard the ding on my phone and my screen lit up for the first time all day and I started to imagine who the text might be from,” Cochrane said with optimism.

“I’d been out in town a few times over the last few weeks and chucked my number into a few girls’ phones, but hadn’t heard from a lot of them.

“I sort of thought maybe they were playing it cool and just letting a bit of time pass before contacting me,” Cochrane said with dejection, still pondering when ‘Sophie’, if that was even her real name, would message him. 

However the salesman would soon be once again disappointed, as the message was actually from his phone provider Spark, giving him the heads up that he only had 249.98 MB of data left, and to also just check the Spark app for usage details.

“Oh ffs, I’m sick of this ‘Heads up from Spark!’ said Cochrane despite the last 12 or so texts being from Spark about his data usage.

“Seriously, do they even need to give me the heads up about my usage? I can deal with just not being able to go on the net. It won’t be as big a let down as the constant disappointment I get from these unnecessary texts.”

More to come.

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