Bloke Who Swears He Was Home Before Midnight Gets Uber Email Receipt For 1:34AM

man looking at his uber receipt on his phone.



Scott Davies was adamant that he was home before midnight last night, despite the overwhelming evidence proving otherwise.

The 28-year-old had been out enjoying himself with friends at numerous bars, and was this morning under the impression that he was tucked up in his bed with his girlfriend well before midnight.

Our reporters spoke to Davies who was confused about the origins of his vicious hangover.

“I’m pretty sure I hopped in the Uber at like 11:30 or something and then went straight home,” said Davies, who was trying to decipher his bank statement, which was showing a pint of beer purchased at around the same time.

Davies, who had no memory of ever getting into an Uber, was surprised to see an email from the app that had recorded the time of his ride as 1:34am.

“Geez, must be a delay in their emails. I’m sure I was home well before midnight, if not earlier,” Davies proclaimed, still trying to ignore the cold hard fact that his ride had ended at 1:34 AM, not sometime before midnight.

Scott’s girlfriend Tara, who he lives with, was naturally frustrated at the time in which he eventually arrived home. 

“Not that he remembers, but I said to him ‘Well, I hope you had a good time because I didn’t. I was literally waiting for you to come home at the time that you said you would, which was 12 o’clock’. And then he’s just like ‘Who cares I’m home now’”.

Davies did eventually begin to accept that he may have been home later than midnight, as more evidence began piling up against him. A McDonald’s receipt for 12:56am placed him in the CBD at that exact time, and not in fact at home with his girlfriend in bed, as he originally alleged.

More to come.

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