Blues Give Rest Of New Zealand Another Valid Reason To Hate Auckland

blues super rugby champs



As if most of New Zealand didn’t already have enough reasons to hate and/or be annoyed by the region of Auckland and everyone in it, the Blues have just won the Super Rugby final, thrashing the Chiefs 41-10. 

The Chiefs have let down the majority of the country and never really looked like winning, with some saying it has made the Blues somehow even more irritating than the Crusaders are historically (not counting this season of course).  

Aucklanders are generally believed to have an air of arrogance about them, and the city has been despised for being the centre of anything nearing a cosmopolitan area in New Zealand, vibrant in arts, entertainment and culture. Lovers of Auckland will say this view stinks of tall poppy syndrome, but even they can see that winning the Super Rugby final is going a step too far. 

Mount Eden cafe owner Tyrone Mannering, 35, says last night’s final result is a perfectly valid reason to hate Auckland. 

“Hey look I moved here from New Plymouth and I love everything Auckland has to offer. I’m firmly on the Blues bandwagon and have received nothing but hateful text messages from friends and family, haha, loving the chat!” he said while sucking down an oat flat white. 

Campbell Taylor, a Hurricanes fan who had his dreams crushed a week ago, believes there is nothing more lame and boring than a championship Blues team. 

“Really? The Blues? Come on, that’s not what the game needs right now. Honestly, them winning is worse than the Crusaders,” he moaned. 

“Another nail in the coffin for New Zealand rugby.”

Meanwhile, Blues jerseys have been flying off the shelves today, with wealthy Aucklanders all of a sudden showing an interest in rugby for the first time.  

More to come. 

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