Mention Of Carlos Spencer Causes Local Mum To Melt Into Toffee Pop Moment

blushed mum in supermarket thinking about shirtless carlos spencer, with toffee pops in the foreground.



55 year old mother of two, Susan Thomson got more than she bargained for when she heard the name “Carlos Spencer” being mentioned yesterday. 

The incident occurred during a casual conversation at the local supermarket, where the part time administrator was innocently browsing the biscuit aisle. As friend Jane nonchalantly mentioned Carlos Spencer, Thompson reportedly began to blush furiously and reportedly turned the colour of a ripe tomato.

It quickly became evident that the mere mention of the ex-All Black had transported Thompson to a different realm of consciousness, specifically one where chocolate biscuits had the mysterious power to transform everyday life into a steamy rugby-inspired daydream. 

Despite his whole rugby career, for many people it’s Carlos Spencer’s acting career that is best known. 

But for those that don’t remember, Spencer’s Toffee Pops TV ad featured him in a state of semi-undress, seductively shedding a white robe to reveal his bare torso. The advertisement’s tagline – “Melt into a Toffee Pop moment” – hinted at the transcendental experience awaiting anyone who dared to indulge in the delectable biscuit. 

While the marketing masterminds behind the campaign aimed to sell biscuits, it seems they inadvertently turned Toffee Pops into an unlikely catalyst for middle-aged fantasies.

Thompson’s reaction, while amusing to outsiders, left her with an undeniable and rather inconvenient predicament. Reports indicate that she frantically attempted to divert the conversation to more mundane topics, like the weather or the latest neighbourhood gossip. 

She was then seen stashing three packets of the double chocolate flavour into her trolley and hastily heading for the checkout. 

More to come. 

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