Clubroom Beer Prices Continue To Defeat Inflation In New Zealand

man having beer in clubrooms, with economic forecast behind him.



With all the economic doom and gloom in New Zealand and the world right now, there is one part of society that is bucking the trend – New Zealand sports clubs. 

With Wellington beer pint prices in trendy pubs and clubs ranging from $11 to $17 generally, sports clubrooms around the country are taking an axe to inflation, with drink prices remaining in the single digits. 

Jack Brand from Wellington’s Northern United football club said that the club is doing all it can to thwart the Reserve Bank. 

“They’ll tell you they did what they needed to do during the pandemic, but all they’ve done is kick the can down the road,” he said. 

“We’re here to kick the can straight back, into the back of the net. Top bins,” said Brand using a striker’s football analogy. 

Brand explained how his social football club, which always runs at a loss, is doing something to defeat inflation on a national scale. 

“Hey, if people drink more at clubrooms across the country, and not drinking in ridiculous bars as much, it’ll force their hands to bring prices down,” he said knowingly while tapping his forehead. 

“People power in action”.

Brand sat back contentedly, surrounded by a few team mates on this particular day, pointing out some of the decorations in his club’s clubrooms. 

“Look, the atmosphere is different and the last time this place was redecorated was the late nineties,” he admitted. 

“But tough times call for extreme measures and hard times create strong men.”

Brand would not comment further on Northern United’s financial position. 

More to come. 

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