CONTENT CRISIS: Summer Festie Girl Having To Make Do With Dog Walks To Fill The Insta-Void

woman walking dog in hagley park while thinking about being at summer music festival.



Alyce Robinson, a 23-year-old from Christchurch, has found herself in the throes of a dreaded content crisis. With winter reigning supreme in the garden city, Alyce’s once sizzling Instagram feed has turned as frosty as the winter air. 

Robinson, who would usually be armed with multiple saucy photos of herself ready to launch on her personal Instagram page, now had to subject her followers to an onslaught of fur coats, scarves, and winter boots.

In her quest to stay relevant, Alyce took to the only place that still held a glimmer of activity—Hagley Park. The vibrant energy of the festivals would be replaced by the calm and tranquil atmosphere, where her only companion was her trusty four-legged friend.

“So, I figured I’d share my winter adventures with my wee puppy! It’s all about embracing the ‘chill’ vibes now! It’s just so hard to post in winter. There’s literally nothing on!” she said, trying to summon the enthusiasm she once had for bass drops and dancefloors.

“And everyone loves posts of Hagley Park in the winter don’t they?! It’s so pretty this time of year!” Robinson explained, while actually enjoying a slight reprieve from DM’s from guys she’s not really into, given they can’t really send a fire emoji reply to her walking her dog.

“Yeah things have totally quietened down in my DMs. Maybe if I add some #throwbacksummerfestie pics, no one will notice and things will be back humming soon” she muttered, scrolling back through her photos from January at Bay Dreams.

More to come. 

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