COST OF LIVING CRISIS: Bloke Channels His Inner Student With Two Minute Noodles And Cold House

man on couch with winter clothing and two minute noodles packet



In an effort to weather the storm that is the cost of living crisis, 29 year old customer service operator Kevin Campbell has been stripping back his opulent lifestyle, which was normally full of luxuries like nutritious food and a heated home. 

Campbell has fond memories of his days flatting while studying at Victoria University of Wellington, where he lived on two minute noodles and opted for more layers and blankets rather than heating. 

“Takes me back to the old days of being in poverty haha,” he said as he surveyed his Beef flavoured noodles, which he had supercharged with a bit of grated cheese. 

“Doesn’t look like the price of my rent is ever going to come down, but my lifestyle sure can! Cutting back in all sorts of areas!

“Probably not the best for my overall health, but I’m a strong young lad, I should be fine, for now,” he laughed nervously, thinking about how much a trip to the doctor would set him back. 

Campbell admits that he doesn’t absolutely have to cut back in all these essential areas, but says the most important thing for now is saving.

“Short term pain for long term gain,” he said, winking and opening up another pack of noodles, but munching down on this one raw. 

“I like to save the flavouring and make a lovely little miso soup with it. More bang for buck!”

Some areas of his budget however could not be sacrificed completely, like the alcohol column. Mr Campbell has however learned to love Double Brown again, despite his tastes having matured to appreciate very high percentage craft beers. 

“Back on the dou bros unfortunately, but they’re definitely making me feel young again.”

More to come. 

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