Cowardly Dishwasher Washes Half The Dishes And Blames Person Who Loaded It

annoyed palmy man with dishwasher in background



A Fisher and Paykel dishwasher is pointing fingers today after failing to complete the job that it was named to do. 

The dishwasher located in a student flat on Ada Street, Palmerston North, carried out its regular cycle at 10.20 this morning, but somehow left food and drink on half the cups and plates.

Sarah Miller, 20, instantly suggested her flatmate Jared had loaded the dishwasher incorrectly, while the dishwasher sat silently making no attempt to take responsibility for a poor job. 

“Jared’s put these plates in the wrong way around, it’s meant to go like this,” she said as she meaninglessly rearranged plates in the rack. 

Jared meanwhile placed blame entirely on the dishwasher, as he rightly expects it to be able to wash dishes. 

“There’s no excuse. I didn’t load that thing any differently than usual. We even stopped getting the “Ecostore” dishwashing powder, as they don’t contain any chemicals harsh enough to actually wash a plate.

“I’m not accepting any responsibility for this,” said the pissed off computer science student. 

The dishwasher, now halfway through its second attempt at washing the dishes, remained silent after knowingly doing half a job. 

More to come. 

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