Crusaders Fan Practices His “It’s A Season To Rebuild” Speech

crusaders fan standing defiantly in front of losing Crusaders team



Crusaders fan Robert Dangerfield has been carefully practicing his key messages this morning, in preparation for going out in public in Wellington today. 

The Victoria University student has had a rough start to the Super Rugby season, as his team just suffered their fourth straight loss to the Hurricanes last night. 

A proud Cantabrian, Dangerfield knows exactly what he’s going to say when he’s heckled by his uni mates on Courtenay Place today. 

“Hey look, it’s a season to rebuild. We’ve lost a few key players, plus the best coach in New Zealand has gone to the All Blacks, so it’s going to take some time to readjust to the new landscape,” he recited flawlessly. 

“Nothing out of the ordinary. This is something that every great team has to go through at some point in time.”

The 20 year old would not admit however that this season he may not get to see the Crusaders lift the Super Rugby trophy. 

“Still early days isn’t it? Look, it’s difficult to bounce back from four straight losses, but if there’s any dynasty that can do it, it’s the Crusaders.

“When it comes to the business end of the season, it’s anyone’s game,” said Dangerfield shamelessly. 

“Even though it’s a season to rebuild, and it’s a transition period, there’s still no reason why the Crusaders can’t bring home the silverware once again”. 

More to come. 

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