CRUSHING IT: Public Service Superstar Collects Enough Manager Signoffs To Actually Start On Some Work

policy advisor in open plan office



Annabelle Robinson, a rising star at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), has absolutely smashed it at work this week. 

The 25 year old policy advisor has just collected the signatures of ten different middle and upper-middle managers, securing permission to start work on a proposal for a research project that could lead to a working group. 

“Things have all just fallen into place for me this week. Just shows you what’s possible with a bit of hard work and determination,” said the Aro Valley native as she trekked home to the trendy Wellington suburb. 

“Now I can say with certainty that ten people of influence at MBIE are across my plan to create a proposal.”

While many outside the public sector may view Ms Robinson’s feat as somewhat minor, staff within MBIE were impressed with the effort.

“Ten signoffs over a couple of weeks? Gee that’s a pretty rapid work-rate. Reckon someone’s in line for a values shout out,” said Peter Rawlins, who also works in MBIE’s “policy shop”. 

Robinson’s manager, Lucy Gibbons, was brimming with pride at her star employee. 

“Our Annabelle’s going places, she’s so determined. I’ve never seen someone pursue approvals via email like she does.” 

Robinson says she has big plans to move into “people management” one day and loves that she gets to come to work each day to “do the mahi that makes a real difference to the people of Aotearoa”. 

When asked what her research proposal would be about, she said the topic was still up for debate, and would be determined via a subcommittee. 

More to come. 

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