CYCLONE WARNING: Arrogant Wellingtonian Welcomes The Challenge Of More Wind

arrogant man standing in Wellington with metservice warning map behind him.



Wellington-centric data analyst Logan Galloway failed to read the room this morning, as he made a joke about the severity of Cyclone Gabrielle. 

“Just a bit of wind and rain. Normal for Welliez, probably be a good challenge!” he said, knowing perfectly well that Wellington will not feel the brunt of this devastating weather event. 

While this kind of comedy would have gone down really well with his usual group of mates, all from Palmy, Galloway has made the foolish mistake of delivering the punchline while in the office, surrounded by public service policy advisors. 

Bradley Woolworth, he/him, explained to our reporters why Mr Galloway had just committed a mortal sin. “Urgh it’s just such a privileged attitude to have when people’s whole lives are being destroyed in Northland and Auckland. He just doesn’t get it!” he said, making sure he was speaking loud enough that his colleague Holly Goodrem could hear how outraged and compassionate he is. 

“Wow! Really Logan??? Yikes dude,” chimed in fellow policy advisor Barnaby Nolan, also making sure his voice was loud enough to be heard by Ms. Goodrem. 

Galloway stood by his statement, maintaining that the joke was totally normal and harmless. 

“What?” asked Galloway. “Obviously tropical cyclones are bad, urgh…”

When the policy team headed off for their ritualistic trip to the cafe for their daily bought-coffee, Ms Goodrem stayed behind and admitted to hearing Mr Galloway’s comment and ‘laughing out loud’. 

“What? It was funny.”

More to come.

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