Daylight Savings Criticised For Not Making The Warriors Kickoff An Hour Earlier

warriors celebrating with clock in foreground.



Daylight Savings has come under fire recently for not doing more for Warriors fans this weekend. 

As Daylight Savings prepares to somehow make time go forward overnight, many have questioned why its powers could not be used to make the Warriors game in Brisbane (9.50 pm NZT) an hour earlier for TV viewers in New Zealand. 

New Plymouth based share milker Gaz McKinnon, 22, is filthy about it. 

“Where’s the accountability? Where’s the consideration for the common man? Just another kick in the teeth for the average Wahs fan isn’t it?

“I’m no quantum mechanic, but if you can warp space and time overnight in New Zealand, how hard could it possibly be to make the Warriors game a bit earlier?” spat the young man as he trudged out of the milking sheds this morning. 

Matt Gable, a 40 year old builder from Christchurch shares McKinnon’s sentiment. “It’s absolutely disgusting. It’s our year! And yet the biggest game of the year so far is at nine bloody fifty. 

“Daylight Savings should be ashamed of itself”. 

Wellington-based policy business communications analyst Lauren Clarke meanwhile believes that Daylight Savings should be doing more to curb emissions and address online extremism.  

“These are the issues that pose an existential threat to the planet. Sportsball is just a distraction from the things that really matter,” she said with no hint of irony. 

Daylight Savings, which does not take on a physical form, was unavailable for comment.

More to come. 

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