Feijoa Season Brings About Yearly Debate Over Whether They’re Delicious Or Disgusting

woman holding feijoa with many feijoas in background.



New Zealanders have once again been consumed by the great debate on feijoas.

The seasonal fruit, which only grows for the best part of a month around late March and April, often divides Kiwis.

It seems those who love them can’t get enough of them, while on the other side of the divide, faces collectively contort in disdain for the fruit anytime it is mentioned.

Millie Eder, 28, was a vocal hater. 

“They’re just slimy and actually plain disgusting. I honestly don’t know why anyone would eat those things. Why do some people also insist on eating the skin too? Yuck!”

Mick Nicholls, 33, echoed his own deep-seated hatred for feijoas. 

“The smell alone makes me gag. Why do all the feijoa fanatics force their silly little fruit on us and beg us to try to like them?”

With the feijoa season at its peak, Sarah Poole, who loves feijoas, expressed her joy at harvesting a bunch of them from her tree.

“I wait all year for these! I don’t see how anyone could hate them? They’re just so juicy. I could honestly live off these things. Eating the skin is the best part!” 

For haters like Millie Eder though, the end of the glut can not come soon enough. “I’m counting down the days until feijoa season is over. I can’t wait to see the last of those little green monsters!”

More to come. 

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