FINDING THE TIME: Chippy Looking Forward To Getting Onto Long List Of DIY Projects

Chris Hipkins with a beer in front of half built deck



After a heavy election defeat on Saturday night, outgoing Prime Minister Chris “Chippy” Hipkins has dragged himself out of bed and is now looking on the bright side. 

With the gruelling days of being prime minister behind him, Chippy has now turned his attention to the growing list of DIY jobs he’s been meaning to get onto. 

“Yeah just gotta make another trip to Mitre 10 to get a couple more bags of cement, we fell a bit short,” he yelled out to the mysterious ‘Toni’ in a much blokier manner than he is used to speaking. 

“Probably grab another box for the boys too, just for afterwards haha, they’ve been working hard.”

As the ‘boy from the Hutt’ mentally checked out of being in charge of the country and likely the Labour Party, he stopped to talk about the new deck he had started on. 

“Yeah should be good ay, just in time for summer hopefully. Made a good start anyway,” he laughed.

“Got a retaining wall to put up too, but first things first ay, haha”. 

While the mysterious ‘Toni’ hid inside, Chippy didn’t give away too much about his political future. “Hey, we’ll just wait and see what happens aye? Doesn’t matter whether I’m prime minister or not, I’m in it for you,” he said with a wink. 

“Hey Toni, could you also turn on the oven for the saussie rolls?”

More to come. 

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