Flatmate Fires Through Another Passive Aggressive Message To The Group Chat About Dishes

woman texting about dirty dishes on the bench



Jake Nixon, 24, was busy in the middle of his working day when his phone pinged in his pocket.

Hoping it was the girl he’d recently been messaging, disappointment soon pulsed through his body after learning it was just his flatmate Sophie launching another passive aggressive message in his flat’s Facebook group chat.

“Hi guys, not sure whose these are? Just a wee reminder that dishes don’t belong on the benchtop. If you could please all just remember to wash your dishes after you’ve done them, then that’ll be great.” Sophie then signed off with ”Love yas!”, along with a photo of the unwashed cups and plates.

Our reporters were there for Jake’s reaction.

“Oh ffs, does she really need to send these messages? There’s hardly any mess and I was going to do them when I got home from work,” Jake said in disgust, wondering why such a message was necessary in the middle of his working day.

“Like, surely you wait a day before you start moaning about a small pile of dishes waiting to be washed.”

After leaving the message on for a good half an hour, Jake then drummed up his reply.

“Hi guys, yeah sorry, think those were mine. Been flat out each day at work and with sport in the evenings. I’ll do them when I get home. Plus I’m not even sure that’s my cup?” Jake replied, throwing a bit of shade back to whoever’s cup it was.

“Honestly, it’s like Sophie just waits until everyone’s left the house. She’s a student and has nothing better to do than stare at dirty dishes all day long at home. Most normal people aren’t thinking that way.”

Hoping his message would put an end to the chat, he was further annoyed by Sophie’s response.

“No worries Jake, glad you owned up to it. Just make sure next time when you use something, you wash it and put it away where it belongs so others can also use the plates and cutlery too.”

More to come.

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