Football Fan Quietly Accepts His Country’s Loss Without Rioting In The Streets

man with belgium flag face paint standing awkwardly with fire in the background



Luc Hazard was unperturbed today.

The Belgian born and bred 29-year-old left a bar in Brussels and returned home to get some sleep after watching his team’s shock 2-0 loss to Morocco.

Instead of flipping tables, throwing bar stools and then carrying on this behaviour onto the streets like other fellow supporters, Hazard just quietly accepted his beloved team’s harrowing loss.

“Yeah the thought of being tear gassed and battened by riot police doesn’t seem that great. Morocco played well and deserved the win. Just a game after all isn’t it?” Hazard explained as he calmly walked through central Brussels as his mind turned to other things in life.

Barman Phillippe Demol spoke to our reporters

“It was weird, he just kinda quietly left the bar and didn’t feel the need to randomly start attacking supporters from Morocco. In fact he only really grimaced once when the final whistle went and that was it.

Police were forced to use tear gas and water cannons against fans in Brussels after Belgium’s 2-0 defeat to Morocco, which was another major upset in the tournament.

“Yeah look I had lots on the next morning so thought it’d be best to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Didn’t really need to wake up with a throbbing head from being hit by a policeman did I?

“Cup of tea and a bikkie and I’d already forgotten about the game”.

More to come.

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