Former Colleagues Run Into Each Other In Town, Agree To Have Coffee Sometime, And Then Never Do

men talking in street thinking about coffee



Career-focused Wellingtonians Mitch Connor and Logan Larsen were not expecting to run into each other today, despite Lambton Quay being commonly filled with lunch time foot traffic. 

The two 35-year-olds enjoyed their brief “stop and chat” and both said it would be “good to catch up for a coffee sometime”, and seemed confident that it would happen. 

However it has become known to the Whakataki Times that this exact interaction had in fact already happened eight months earlier, where the two agreed to the same coffee.

While both men appeared to be equally guilty, Connor was the first to offer a comment. “Oh look everyone’s just been so busy you know? We’ll definitely catch up though, it’ll definitely happen,” he said, offering no timeframe whatsoever. 

Larsen was also unable to offer a precise time frame for a proposed catch up. “Ooh yeah dunno, been so busy ay. But things will calm down soon I reckon, definitely”.

Upper Hutt-based sociologist Greg Nevin says it is completely normal for two men to have a genuine desire to have a casual coffee catch up, and yet be totally incapable of organising it. 

“This is normal behaviour and no one really knows why it happens. The only reason anyone has been able to offer up is that ‘things are just so busy at the moment’.

“Although Mr Connor and Mr Larsen would really like to catch up for a coffee sometime, it will definitely never happen.”

This story is part of an ongoing investigation.

More to come. 

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