Foster Tells NZ Rugby To Shove It Up Their Arse

All Black coach Ian Foster outside NZ Rugby HQ



All Blacks coach Ian Foster has given the cold shoulder back to New Zealand Rugby today.

Foster, who was well entitled to reapply for the job he currently has, effectivley told NZR and Chief Executive Mark Robinson to shove it up their arse by deciding not to pointlessly engage in another interview process for a job he is unlikely to keep.

The communication from New Zealand Rugby has been far from encouraging for Foster to date. 

NZR executives want Ian Foster to reapply for the job he currently has, and no matter the outcome of that process, he will remain in the job until after the Rugby World Cup in France.

Our reporters caught up with NZR CEO Mark Robinson, who was oddly surprised that Foster was not reapplying.

“I mean yeah, we’ve spent the last year allowing ourselves and the public to express our opinion on whether he should be the coach or not in a dogmatic way in public. I’m quite surprised he’s decided not to reapply,” Robinson explained, again failing to read the mood of the nation or anyone.

“I really can’t see the disconnect. I mean we made an announcement about an announcement this morning and then five hours later Foster doesn’t want to reapply? Quite perplexing.” 

When our reporters caught up with Foster he had one comment which left our reporters’ tails wagging.

“It would be great to be a fly on the wall in my NZR exit interview wouldn’t it?”

More to come.

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