Greens Relieved Julie Anne Genter At Least Hasn’t Been Done For Shoplifting

Julie Anne Genter in parliament thinking about Golriz shoplifting



With the recent parliament outburst of Greens MP Julie Anne Genter, and subsequent accounts of her bullying a florist about car parks, it’s fair to say it’s been a shit of a week for Greens co-leaders Chloe and Marama. 

Genter was caught on Parliament TV walking over to National’s Matt Doocey to yell at him and wave a report in his face, which has been labelled ‘intimidating’ behaviour. Genter subsequently apologised in parliament. 

However Green Party insiders have revealed that it is not all doom and gloom, pointing out that at least Genter has not begun brazenly taking items of clothing from retail shops without paying for them.

“Sometimes it just pays to put things like this into perspective. You have to take the win when you find out that your party’s problematic MP is at least not a bold-faced criminal,” said the anonymous source. 

Lawyer Darren Goldman says that although yelling at small business owners about cycle lanes and parking spaces is considered generally obnoxious, it is not technically a crime. 

“Ms Genter is perfectly within her rights to be as painfully close-minded about public infrastructure as she likes,” said Goldman. 

Genter was not able to be reached for comment because she was “working from home”, apparently in a hut in the bush that is completely off-grid. 

But our insider at the Greens said this whole thing is nothing to worry about. 

“Chloe can play this one really simply. Just say that the culture in parliament is toxic and the stress of it all is causing bad behaviour from many MPs, not just Julie Anne,” they said. 

“Hey at the end of the day we’re just lucky she hasn’t stolen thousands of dollars worth of clothing.”

More to come. 

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