Grown Woman Blames Teenager For Losing Her Electorate Seat

ginny andersen with bullying allegations around her



Labour MP Ginny Andersen is apparently under the impression that she lost her electorate seat in Hutt South because of one teenage volunteer who she believed “didn’t knock on enough doors” during the election campaign. 

Andersen has given one of the most convincing apologies of all time, saying “I’m really sorry if my comments caused hurt”. She also reportedly said off the record that she was sorry that the volunteer was such a big fat crybaby. 

The teen’s mother made the complaint, saying her daughter and son were yelled at during the Labour Lower Hutt election night event, and pushed to leave early. It was not reported how many drinks Ginny had poured herself by that time. 

Labour leader Chris Chippy Hipkins, who has just signed on to continue as leader, now reportedly wishes he hadn’t. “Why couldn’t I get a highly paid non-job at Harvard University like Jacinda?” he said.  

There was no time to crunch the numbers accurately, but this is approximately the twentieth bullying allegation levelled at Labour MPs in the last couple of years. 

While these are still allegations, at this point is there anyone that doesn’t believe this teenager and her mother? We have to ask, why would anyone believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a Labour MP? There is no credibility left.  

The question now is whether the Labour Party will want to keep an MP that publicly abuses and humiliates teenage volunteers, who have given up their own time for a party that doesn’t give a shit about them. 

More to come. 

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