Gym Junkie Shocks Friend Group By Initiating Non-Gym-Related Conversation

smiling woman at gym.



Brianna Stewart loves every minute of her daily gym routine and her conversations with close friends outside of the gym usually revolve around that.

But after Saturday morning’s gym session when she met up with her regular friend group for coffee, the 25 year-old suddenly shocked everyone by bringing up a topic totally unrelated to the gym.

Our reporters were with Brianna and her friends at the Christchurch cafe where she shocked and confused everyone. 

“Hey guys, so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of books. They’re such a great way to escape and gain knowledge you know? Always good to explore new perspectives on all sorts of things,” said Brianna, whose life up until that moment had revolved around the gym and had never included a desire to hear others’ perspectives on anything.

Courtney Wilson, a close friend of Brianna’s, was gobsmacked at what had just come out of her mouth.

“Usually she’ll walk in with a protein shake in her hand, so there was no doubt she had just been to the gym, but she didn’t even have that today. She would often just start punishing us with chat about the latest supplements she’s taking and health trends. Quite strange for her to initiate a conversation about something other than fitness.”

Brianna’s other friend Alex Waters was equally shocked

“I don’t think I’ve ever discussed anything with Brianna other than fitness and nutrition. In fact, all I really seem to know about her is her bloody fitness routine. 

“Oh well, I’m looking forward to her explaining how she’s gone all intellectual now I suppose…”

As our reporters then listened in to the remainder of the conversation between Brianna and her friends, they heard her explaining to them how many books she’s read in the past week, rather than how many she could lift.

More to come.

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