Heroic Outgoing Sport Minister Grudgingly Agrees To Attend Overseas Work Event

grant robertson at all blacks game at rugby world cup.



Outgoing sport minister Grant Robertson just never stops putting in the hard yards for everyday kiwis, despite being in his final days in government. 

As sport minister, Robertson is apparently required to attend the Rugby World Cup final in Paris, where the All Blacks will take on South Africa this weekend. His attendance is crucial for the taxpayer, who will be footing the bill. 

After being voted out of government, and really just waiting for his job to officially end, you would think Robertson would get slack and start letting things slide, perhaps take a few half-days. 

But no, not our Grant. He’s taking a hellish business-class flight to Paris, before he’ll be forced to sit through the final of some boring rugby tournament. 

Both the outgoing prime minister and the incoming prime minister agreed that Grant’s attendance at the Rugby World Cup final in France was absolutely necessary for the good of the country, and that taxpayers will happily take the hit. 

“When you take on a job, it’s just as important to finish strong as it is to start strong,” said Robertson as he strode through Wellington Airport. 

“Sometimes these work trips are just part of the job. They take a toll on you, but I’m willing to do it for all the hardworking kiwis out there.”

More to come. 

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