Hurricanes Fan Displaying Early Signs Of “Our Year” Syndrome

hurricanes fan with team celebrating behind him



33 year old Hurricanes tragic Campbell Taylor has sensed he could be in serious trouble this year, as a considerable amount of hope has been able to seep into his heart. 

After the Hurricanes just won their fourth game in a row, an unbeaten run for 2024, Taylor is worried he might have “Our Year” syndrome, a disease most commonly associated with fans of the New Zealand Warriors. 

“It’s a bit scary to think I might have this illness,” said Taylor as he began consulting Dr Google. “Once you begin to believe, there’s no turning back”. 

Since Super Rugby began in 1996, the Hurricanes have been to the semifinals 11 times and have converted that into exactly one championship title, which was back in 2016. For this reason, Taylor is both excited and frightened by the Hurricanes dream start to 2024.

“I’ve found myself spending a lot of time gazing at the Super Rugby table, focusing specifically on the Hurricanes sitting at the top with four games, four wins, and 17 competition points. 

“I’m worried this is a clear sign of “Our Year” syndrome, and to make things worse, I was also down in Christchurch last week, where I confidently wore my Hurricanes jersey in public. No-one said a word,” said Taylor, referencing the fact that a ‘rebuilding’ Crusaders team have had the exact opposite of a good start to the season. 

New Zealand Warriors fan, Mark Hickey, agrees that Taylor has the virus, but says the best strategy is to embrace it. “Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all,” said the tragically optimistic specimen. 

“Canes fans need this, and more importantly Wellington needs this. With all the problems the region is having, from water infrastructure to public bureaucracy budget cuts, a Super Rugby title could be just what the doctor ordered.”

More to come. 

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