Hurricanes Fan Feeling Morally Virtuous After Sending Supportive Message To Crusaders Facebook Page

canes fan in front of crusaders fb page on laptop



Campbell Taylor, a die-hard Hurricanes fan notorious for his ‘our year’ claims, has outdone himself by leaving what he describes as a “genuinely supportive” message on the Crusaders’ Facebook page.

“Time to get back on track boys, I reckon you’ve got a real chance at home against the Rebels. Doesn’t feel right having the Crusaders bottom table,” wrote Taylor, basking in the glow of his own kindness.

Observers report that Taylor has been walking a little taller since his grand gesture, often spotted recounting the tale to anyone within earshot. “It’s all about sportsmanship, you know? Just doing my bit to lift the spirits,” he explained, while the eyes of his friends ascended skyward.

The Crusaders, currently bracing for tonight’s clash with the Melbourne Rebels, have been unavailable for comment on Taylor’s message. Inside sources suggest they are too busy actually preparing for the game to indulge in the unexpected pep talk from a punishing Hurricanes fan. 

Meanwhile, Crusaders supporters have been less than enthused, one noting, “Oh great, advice from a random guy from Wellington. Just what we needed to turn the season around.”

Taylor’s sense of moral superiority has reached new heights, evident in his smug grins and annoying pats on the back he offers himself in the mirror. His peers, however, aren’t quite as impressed. 

“He’s just gearing up for when the Canes play next. If they win, he’ll say his good karma did it. If they lose, well, at least he was the better man,” said one unimpressed friend.

The Crusaders camp are reportedly prepared to receive more unsolicited advice, sure to be delivered with the same condescension that only a true fan like Campbell Taylor can muster.

More to come. 

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