Increase In Midweek Beers Inspires Auckland CEO To Strategically Give Up On December

four men in suits having beers at viaduct harbour



The Chief Executive of a small Auckland insurance firm has made a controversial move late in 2023. 

Robert Davies, CEO of Blue Light Insurance, has noticed the uptick in his staff disappearing early in the afternoon, and has decided to let it be, even if sales end up being flat for the month. 

“It’s a strategic decision that will pay off in the long run. The team has worked hard all year and the worst thing I could do for motivation right now would be to get on people’s cases about leaving early,” he said while enjoying a beer in the office himself. 

“Besides, if the team’s in a constant state of being slightly hungover, do I really want them on the phones to our customers? That could potentially do more harm than good.”

Sam Anderson, the firm’s leading seller for the year, applauded Davies’ business move. “That’s a good boss right there. Knows when to go hard on his team, and when to back off.

“But to be fair, he’s probably the one who does the most drinking each December. He might just be too hungover to care at the moment,” he said. 

Ryan Holmes, the relative newbie to the company, was equally suspicious of the CEO’s motives. “Robert’s a great boss and I’ve learnt a lot from him. But I’ve heard from others that around this time of year he’s barely in the office himself. 

“A lot of long lunches and late starts,” said the young seller, loosening up slightly after a few more goes on his colourfully decorated can of craft beer. 

Mr Davies was not able to defend his December attendance record as CEO, as he had reportedly disappeared early for an “offsite mentoring session”. 

More to come. 

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