INSPIRATIONAL: Penny-Pinching Tradie Goes Three Full Days Without Trip To The Bakery

Tradie with banana in bakery



A Taranaki-based roofer has caused a stir this week, after it was noticed that he had not been seen all week at the bakery near his Hawera building site.

23 year old Nathan Lane is calling it an effort to get ahead during the cost of living crisis, reducing needless over-spending on food.

“I’ve been good this week, so let’s see how long it lasts. Already getting pressure from the people around me at work. Everyone seems keen to drag me back down to their level,” he said while remaining upbeat.

“I’ve been cooking proper dinners for myself with food from the supermarket, been avoiding the fish and chip shop, and I’ve been making meals big enough to have leftovers for lunch.

“You actually don’t learn all these money-saving life hacks in school, do you?” he said as he wondered about how useful the education curriculum actually is these days.

Jung Lee, owner and operator of Hawera Bakery and Café on High Street, said it won’t be long before Lane comes crawling back.

“Seen all before. People think they save money. He’ll be back,” grinned the shop-owner, knowing exactly how addictive his sugar-laden treats are.

“Three day? That nothing! He’ll be back.”

With the weekend in sight, it’ll be a tough ask for young Nathan to make it a full week without baked goods. It’s just as well the boss will be covering the Friday beers and snacks.

More to come.

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