Intelligent Woman Confidently Justifies Watching MAFS By Saying “It’s Just Nice To Switch My Brain Off”

woman with wine watching MAFS



32 year old Wellington woman Amy Galvin, a GP based in Miramar, consistently works hard and puts in the extra effort for her patients. She’s a loving wife and believes herself to be a good person. And at the end of the day, sometimes all she wants to do is pour a glass of wine and switch off in front of the TV. 

This is the excuse she gave her husband Joel this week, after sitting down and intently watching yet another episode of Australia’s “Married At First Sight” reality show. “Oh I know, it’s sooo bad. But it’s just something light that I can watch and not have to think about, you know?” said the highly intelligent healthcare professional.

“The people on the show are just so terrible, but I still want to watch and see what happens. It’s just nice to switch my brain off. I know it’s appealing to my base instincts, but I’m probably going to watch the whole series.”

Joel, a 35 year old accountant, has questioned his wife’s motives, believing she should be striving to be better. “I get it, but I mean, come on Amy you’re better than this. Put something else on, anything else. There’s a difference between switching your brain off, and actually going out of your way to decrease your own IQ. 

“How can you watch the people on that programme and not get the deep feeling that society is crumbling around you?” Joel asked dramatically.

Ms. Galvin dismissed her husband’s protestations out of hand, claiming that the show was harmless and the people on it are entitled to live their lives the way they want to. “He’s so over the top, seriously. He doesn’t have to watch it, he can go into another room if it’s that bad.”

Joel apparently does not go as far as leaving the room while “MAFS” is on, but does retreat into his noise-cancelling headphones, listening to God-knows-what kind of podcasts. 

The man, who was definitely feeling pleased with himself, delivered this parting shot at the reality show before chucking his headphones back on. “The ancient Romans used to go to the Colosseum to watch gladiators slaughter each other and slaves being eaten by lions. I don’t see how Married at First Sight is any different.”

More to come.

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