James Shaw Finally Free To Buy That Ute He’s Always Wanted

james shaw standing in front of toyota dealership and hilux



Outgoing Greens co-leader James Shaw has always harboured a dirty little fossil-fuelled secret ever since he went into environmental politics. 

The long-serving MP recently announced he is stepping down from his position as co-leader of the Greens, making room for someone who’s probably not as “pale, stale or male” as he is.

Despite it going against the spirit of his party’s policies, Shaw has revealed that he’s often dreamed about owning the popular kiwi ute, a Toyota Hilux. 

“I’ve just always wanted one, not sure why,” he said excitedly as he peered through the window of a Toyota showroom. 

“Deep down I think I’m really just an old fashioned kiwi male who likes the idea of total freedom and independence. Nothing screams that more than a grunty farm vehicle.”

James looked at his phone, on the Toyota website, zeroing in on the Hilux SR5 Cruiser. “It says here that it’s as comfortable on the farm as it is at flash city bars, haha, sounds like a bit of me I reckon,” laughed the soon to be ex-environmentally focused politician.

“Imagine how much of New Zealand’s natural environment I could go and see with this vehicle,” he said, flicking from the Safari app on his phone to his banking app. 

“Savings is looking good, I reckon I can do this. Imagine the uproar if I bought a ute while I was leading the bloody Greens! Nightmare stuff,” he said, not realising that he hasn’t quite left the party yet. 

“Bit of camping too, maybe, bring my fishing rod. This’ll be good I reckon.”

Wellington Toyota would not comment on how much Shaw could get if he traded in his Prius. 

More to come. 

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