Labour Still Yet To Officially Rule Out Forming Government With National

chippy hipkins checking out National website on phone



No one likes to keep the New Zealand public guessing like Chris Chippy Hipkins. 

After ruling out working with New Zealand First’s Winston Peters, and with Election Day drawing close, Hipkins still hasn’t publicly ruled out working with National. 

Joe Public will surely be asking the question, “if party leaders are now expected to officially rule out parties that hate their guts anyway, why so silent about the possibility of working with National?”.

Despite their differences and past disagreements, Labour’s decision to not firmly say “no” to working with National has left many scratching their heads. “It’s like they’re playing a game of political hide-and-seek,” said one political expert. “Are they serious or just messing around?”

In a time when people want clear direction from their leaders, Hipkins’ lack of a direct answer has raised doubts about their beliefs. “Does Labour really stand for something, or are they just keeping their options open for later?” asked a concerned voter.

“When I heard Chippy wasn’t ruling out working with National, I was like, ‘Wait, what?'” exclaimed Dave Thompson, a local barista and self-proclaimed political junkie. “It’s like saying you won’t eat a pizza with pineapple but you might consider dipping your chips in a milkshake – it just doesn’t make sense!”

The confusion has only been heightened by Mr Chippy’s decision to distance himself from New Zealand First. Winston Peters has made no secret of his disdain for the Labour Party, accusing them of turning the country into a divided nation of lost opportunities and misplaced priorities.

“It’s like watching a reality TV show where alliances shift every episode,” noted Susan Williams, a university professor. “Survivor Wellington! Will they, won’t they? Are they friends or frenemies? I can hardly wait for the next episode!”

As the nation anxiously waits for a clear statement from the Labour Party regarding their stance on forming a government with National, one thing is certain: the drama is far from over.

More to come. 

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