LATE KICK OFF: Kiwi Origin Fan Likely To Give Up And Go To Bed At Halftime

man goes to bed and leaves origin on tv



Kane Sampson, 27, is all set for a big night in front of the TV watching State of Origin 2 tonight.

But he’s unlikely to see out the second half of the match between the NSW Blues and his beloved Qld Maroons due to the simple fact that the game just starts way too late, and usually finishes well past midnight.

“Once again the kick off was delayed. It’s late enough for those in Aussie watching it, let alone a big New Zealand audience. Do they not think of those over here who have to get up for work at 5:30am? It’s being played ahead of a bloody weeknight again!” the scaffolding labourer said in dismay to the Whakataki Times reporters.

State of Origin has continually frustrated many die-hard Kiwi league fans due to the time zone difference with the matches being played in Australia. Despite the match actually kicking off at 5:50pm in Australia this time, it’s being played in Perth with a five hour time difference.

“Ha yeah what a joke right. So the one time they decided to make it a reasonable Australian kick off time of 5:50pm, but it’s in Perth. They never do that when it’s in Sydney or Brisbane do they? Oh well, hopefully Queensland will have the game in the bag and the series at halftime anyway. I shouldn’t miss too much.”

The Whakataki Times didn’t try to seek further comment from Sampson who was last seen trotting off to his bedroom during the halftime break.

More to come.

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