LE SNAK CANCELLED. Local Mum Forced To Spend 30 Seconds Slicing Cheese To Go With Crackers

Distressed woman crouching in kitchen



Local mother of three Annette Barker, 39, was in a state of despair today.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!” she screeched. The outburst came following news that the iconic lunchbox filler Le Snak will be discontinued after 30 years.

It means the mother of three from Nelson, who has school aged boys all under the age of eight, will now have to spend an extra 30 seconds slicing cheese to go with the crackers in their school lunchboxes. A small task she seemingly has no time to do. 

“Honestly, have you not seen how busy I am? Nobody does anything around here and this is just one extra thing I’m going to have to do for this bloody household!” shouted Barker.

“Gee, you wonder what’s next? Things have never been the same since they stopped making Dunkaroos here either!” Barker cried as she was hit with what appears to be a case of ‘Le sadness’.

Youngest son Connor, who had just turned five, appeared happy he would not be getting the pretend cheese that tastes like plastic in his lunchbox going forward, much to his mother’s disdain.

“Seriously, have you not seen the price of cheese at the moment!?”

More to come.

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