Local Barista in Shock As Latte Lover Drastically Alters Order, Swapping In Oat Milk

shocked barista holding coffee



An Aro Valley barista has been left shaken this morning after his reliable, latte-drinking regular took the unprecedented step of “switching up” her order. 

The customer, known to baristas as ‘Emmaly’, is a favourite among cafe staff as she’s one of just four patrons whose drink order comprises only coffee and cow’s milk. But latte-loving Emmaly today joined the masses of Wellington residents choosing to modify their morning cuppas, leaving baristas bewildered.

Kitchenhand Sam Hall was rostered on at the time of the incident, and witnessed it unfold: “She walked in just like normal. Same keep-cup, everything. It was like any other day and everyone was stoked to see her,” he explained.

Having just gone out to collect a fresh bottle of Anchor from the fridge, Sam returned to find his cafe colleagues in despair. “The whole mood had changed,” recalled Sam, his face turning white as he recounted the scene. “She repeated the order and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing… none of us were prepared.”

Sam considers himself lucky to have been a bystander in the event, as the barista fulfilling Emmaly’s order was later sent home to recover from the shock. “We all just need a moment to grieve – she really was top five.”

The barista affected is requesting privacy and will be staying with family while he recovers from the encounter.

More to come.

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