Local Bloke Already Paying Zero GST On Fruit And Veg By Not Buying Any

man shopping in pak n save



Following Labour’s promise to remove GST from fruit and vegetables, a Palmerston North man has already figured out how to achieve this tax break – by simply not purchasing any fruits or vegetables in the first place.

John Thompson, 28, shares a flat with two other males and regularly shops at his local Pak n Save. While Labour is touting the merits of GST reduction on healthy foods, Thompson has been minding his own business, opting for a diet that sidesteps the issue entirely.

“I don’t really see what the fuss is about,” Thompson commented when asked about his shopping habits. “I’ve been sticking to meat, pasta, and those canned goods for as long as I can remember. Fruits and veggies just don’t make it into the trolley.”

According to his flatmates, Thompson’s cooking rotation includes spag bol, nachos, and various meat-based dishes.

When informed of the Labour Party’s recent pledge, to help people save money and make healthy food choices, Thompson seemed unfazed. “I guess some people might appreciate that,” he said, “but it’s not really my thing. I’m not missing out on any savings if I don’t buy those items.”

Economists and policy analysts have long debated the implications of removing GST from certain food items, with arguments ranging from potential health benefits to fiscal concerns. However, Thompson’s unorthodox approach to the issue might have just redefined the conversation around the topic.

“Well if I never buy fruit and veggies because they’re too expensive and I’m not fussed about them, then I’m not going to suddenly start buying them because they’ve taken the GST off. Because then I’d be spending more money than I was in the first place?

“It’s all weird and I don’t get it.”

More to come. 

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