Local Bloke Calculates That Second Energy Drink Tomorrow Will Counteract Horrendously Late Kick Off Tonight

ABs fan with two V bottles



It doesn’t matter that Kieron Larson has to get up for work at 5:30 tomorrow morning, because the 23 year-old reckons he has tomorrow’s predetermined overtiredness all sorted. 

With the All Blacks and Wallabies kicking off in the first Bledisloe Cup test in Melbourne tonight at 9:45pm NZT, it’ll likely mean a very late night for the drain layer who is dreading his early morning alarm.

Our reporters caught up with the young Christchurch man.

“I’m gonna be pretty shattered tomorrow, especially after a tough week bending my back. I’m thinking I’m gonna need at least two bottles of V before 10am I reckon,” explained Larson, who often packs at least one in his lunch bag for work each day.

Larson won’t be the only one waking up feeling overtired, with tonight being one of the rare midweek test matches the All Blacks have played in nearly three decades, which will see many Kiwis staying up well past midnight to see the final result.

“Yeah I mean gee, once I’ve watched the post match interviews and then scrolled through the reaction to the result on the NZ Herald and Stuff, it’ll probably be nearing 1am. Then I won’t be able to sleep knowing I’ll have to get up in just over four hours. Ugh, nothing worse really.”

“But that’s okay, whatever the result will be, I’m going to stop by the dairy on the way to work and pick up two bottles just to be safe. Geez if they lose, I probably won’t sleep at all. Nothing like reading through all the comments about calling for Fozzie to resign!”

More to come.

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